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Muay Thai Headband

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Muay Thai Headband

If you are not a big fan of Muay Thai, you will not definitely know what Muay Thai Headband is. You might be able to guess the purpose of other Muay Thai Equipment. The boxing glove is for punching, the head guard is to protect your head while boxing and etc. but how about Muay Thai Headband? You don’t even see this equipment while the boxer is on the ring. Everyone wear it when they walk up to the boxing ring and take them off before starting the fight.

The fact is Muay Thai Headband is one of the most important equipment for Muay Thai and if you want to know why? You have to learn a bit more about the history of Muay Thai.

In the past, the original purpose of of Muay Thai is not for exercising or protecting those who practice from a bad guy. It was created for fighting in the real war. Before the Muay Thai boxer go to war, they need something to cheer them up. They need something to make them confident that they are going to win the fight or win the war. Therefore, Muay Thai Headband was used as a holy equipment. The incantation has been done for Muay Thai Headband before being use so people who use the headband will be more confident that they are going to win or something good win happen when they wear this. Also, before going on to the fight, monk or person who did the incantation will be the one who take off the Muay Thai Headband and say some holy words to cheer up people who wear them and that’s how the Muay Thai Headband was used and why it is so important. This traditional way of Muay Thai has been transferred from generation to generation until today.

Today, it is not very necessary to do serious incantation for Muay Thai Headband and the person who takes of Muay Thai Headband is not a monk anymore. It is usually the trainer or the Muay Thai boxer’s master. They will just need to say something good or motivational before taking off. This equipment is good because it makes Muay Thai so unique among other sports and it makes Muay Thai so valuable that it is not only the sport or martial art. It also reflect the way of the Thai and it is the heritage from our ancestor to us that we should reserve it.