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Muay Thai Shorts

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Muay Thai Shorts

Muay Thai (Thai boxing) is one of the most exciting sports in the world. We have seen many martial arts before but I am sure you will never saw such and exciting one like Muay Thai. You can use just almost every part of your body as a weapon to attack the opponent but still the attacks are full of strength and beauty at the same time.

One of the charming parts of Muay Thai is its equipment. Muay Thai has been a part of Thai cultures for long ago and Muay Thai equipment has been just about the same as before. The equipment is fairly simple. If you don’t want to go on any official competition, you don’t even need any Muay Thai equipment at all. You can practice anytime and almost anywhere. However, if you want to be serious about this sport, you simply need two Muay Thai equipment which are Muay Thai Shorts and Boxing Gloves.

Muay Thai Shorts are very popular products that the foreigners and tourist really like, It is a popular souvenir when you travel to Thailand because its style is very unique that you cannot find it anywhere in the world. Muay Thai shorts are just the same as any other boxing shorts, if you consider from its usage. However, if you take a look in details, Muay Thai Shorts and other Muay Thai equipment implies many stories about Thailand, Thai tradition and the history. Many have Thai alphabets saying cheerful words or the name of the boxer’s sponsors. Some have Thai traditional style or color. Even though the style and shape may be changed over time to correspond to the world fashion today, most parts are still very unique and quite traditional.

Other reason that Muay Thai Shorts are popular gifts is the price and quality, the products from Thailand are well known for its quality, especially the textile products. The textile products from Thailand are imported all over the world for many decades. Many tourists come to Thailand to buy textile related products. They get the same quality with much lower price.

Also, you don’t have to go to luxurious shopping mall to find. You can find Muay Thai Shorts everywhere. You can find them in almost all markets that the tourists like to visit, for example, Chautchak market or floating markets. However, if you want to high quality product, you can visit the high-end shopping mall in Bangkok where you can buy Muay Thai Shorts and other Muay Thai Equipment. The price could be quite high but the quality is surly higher as well.

One place you can buy Muay Thai Shorts and Muay Thai Equipment is at the boxing stadium area. Since Muay Thai is very popular among tourists, the Muay Thai stadiums become tourist places. There will be various Muay Thai Equipment for you to choose especially on the day that the boxing takes place. Other than shopping the Muay Thai Equipment and other souvenirs, you can enjoy the atmosphere of people shouting and running around before the match begins.