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Boxing Liniment

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Boxing Liniment

Though Tiger Balm is cheaper, easier to find, and enjoys far more popularity when it comes to Muay Thai nothing is superior to Namman Boxing Liniment Oil.

The essence of the oil was, fittingly, first combined in Thailand, surrounding the emergence of the oil with an element of great tradition. It was developed for Thai massages, another key element of Thai culture. For many years the recipe was a secret passed down from generation to generation, and only meant for an elite few users.

In the 1960’s Pon Kingpetch was the first Thai world boxing champion. He was trained by a man named Thongtos Intratat. Thongtos was searching for something that would help his fighters warm up to their training sessions, and for something that would help them after the rigorous activity. He found certain Thai massage oils, when applied thoroughly before and after training sessions, to be the perfect solution.

In 1960 Thongtos founded a company called Devakam. He wanted to make the oil and its beneficiary effects available to a wider audience. The recipe has evolved in the last few decades, with its effects being optimized and strengthened as technological and scientific methods are advancing. However, in maintenance of tradition, the recipe is still a secret and only known to a select few people inside the company, including some of Thongtos Intratat’s family.

Namman oil is used by many Muay Thai fighters. It is an extremely potent oil and its effectiveness cannot be underestimated. The oil is used before or after training, rubbed into the muscles as a preventative measure against the punches and kicks that fighters face and deliver. Afterwards it is rubbed into the muscles to dull the pain that results from from strenuous physical activity.

Some Muay Thai fighters optimize the use of the oil by shaking it vigorously before use, claiming that the resulting oil is a duller and milkier yellow, and that it functions better when rubbed into the skin.

The oil endows the body with greater biological strength, allowing it to deal with the myriad bruised muscle tissues, aches, and pains that result from repetitive and aggressive physical activity every week. The oil can have applications outside of Muay Thai or other forms of martial arts. It can be used by people in the deep wilderness, or by athletes who specialize in sports like soccer or running. However, in the title it says boxing, so its primary and ultimate purpose is for use by fighters, who are athletes that demand a greater and far more vigorous toll on their body than any of their athletic counterparts.

The oil even has an aromatic smell that can help fighters enter the required mental state for their training sessions If the fighter is covered in sweat and the oil is used there is a chance that a strong burning sensation will result but this is a small price to pay considering the indisputable benefits of the oil.

In the context of Muay Thai, Namman Boxing Liniment Oil is a miracle substance.