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Belly Protector

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Belly Protector

Belly Protector is one of the most famous Muay Thai equipment. It is required equipment for any Amateur Muay Thai competitions along with other equipment like the head guard, boxing glove, boxing shorts, etc. If you wonder why do amateur Muay Thai boxers need a Belly Protector because regular boxing does not need one, you surly never watch the real Thai boxing match before. One kick from professional Thai boxers to your belly can break your rib or at least block your respiratory system for several minutes which is enough to cause serious danger to you. It is much harder than a punch to your stomach. Therefore, Belly Protector is critical and is required for any amateur Muay Thai competition.

There are many types of belly protectors. Some are made like a belt to protect only your stomach. However, some are made as a vest or apron so you can wear it to protect the whole body. Normally, the one with a jacket shape is more attractive than the belt one in Muay Thai because can get kicked everywhere not only your belly. This type of belly protector may not look so comfortable, but when considering about safety, it is important to use anyway. Also, moving quickly around the ring is not important in Muay Thai. In fact, there is no footwork in Muay Thai because you have to make your body as stable as possible to prepare to kick and to be kicked. Wearing belly protector is not an obstacle in Muay Thai boxer.

No matter you want to practice Muay Thai for fun or as a good exercise, you should make yourself familiar with vest or apron belly protector. Many Muay Thai beginners, especially those who have been a Western-style boxer, do not pay attention to using belly protectors because they don’t feel comfortable with it, or they don’t think it is important until they got a serious kick or they have to go for an amateur competition. As I mentioned that they belly protector is required in an amateur Muay Thai competition, if you never practice with it before, you will feel very uncomfortable and can be easily lost the fight. Safety is the most important factor in any sports. Other than practicing your skill in the sport, you should always learn how to save yourself from any injury to ensure you can enjoy or will be successful in any sport you practice.