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Abdominal Protector

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Abdominal Protector

Abdominal Protector is mainly used to protect your body in the abdomen area. Normally, it is violated the boxing rule if you kick or punch in the abdomen area but sometimes the accidents happen, and you are kicked or punched in the abdomen area. If you are men who read this article, you will be able to imagine how hurt or dangerous it would be if someone punches or kick your testicle. Only a soft hit in that area can already hurt you so bad, and if you don’t wear abdominal protector, you can be in real danger. Since that part of the body is very sensitive, even though you wear an extremely high-quality abdominal protector, you can still hurt if you get punch or kick at your testicle but it will be much softer.

The most important factor when buying abdominal protector is always safety. You should always purchase a quality abdominal protector because if you buy low-quality products or choose it by the price only, you can be injured when the accidents happen. Like other Muay Thai equipment, you should consider buying from the quality first rather than price because all of the products are made or used for safety purpose and security is the most important factor so don’t compromise when related to safety. Head guard is used to protecting your head, belly guard is used to protecting your stomach, shin protector is used to protecting your shin and your abdominal protector is used to protect your abdomen.

The abdominal protector for amateur Muay Thai boxer is different from that of a professional one. The protector for an amateur is usually pants that you have to wear them. The good thing is that this type of protector covers more area, and you will be safer under this type of abdominal protector. However, the disadvantage is that it can slow down your movement or make you feel uncomfortable when kicking or even more with high kicks but it should be fine because both sides have to wear it anyway. This type of protector is not used in professional Muay Thai boxing. Another type of abdominal protector is the one that protects only your testicle which is the most important organ as mentioned above. You have to wear this type of abdominal protector first before wearing your boxing pants.