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Body Protector

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Body Protector

Body Protector for Muay Thai is usually for an amateur boxing or during practice. There are many types of Muay Thai body protector but, in general, the Body Protector for Muay Thai is different from those using in other martial arts. Many other martial arts allow you to kick only a certain part of your body like stomach. Kicking or hitting other parts are violated the rule so the athletes have to practice to hit accurately and the body protector can be small to cover only necessary part. However, in Muay Thai, you can mostly kick or hit any parts of the body, especially in professional Muay Thai boxing. Therefore, Muay Thai body protector must protect all parts including stomach, chest and back.

How to choose Muay Thai body protector

The price of Muay Thai body protector can be varied depending on quality, brand and type. The type of more expensive Muay Thai body protector usually means it designs to cover more area of your body. Also, the high quality uses good material which can protect the body while having light weight and a soft touch. Some Muay Thai body protector gives a good protection but is very heavy. Imagine how you can move around or have good footwork with such a heavy body protector on your body. It can be a bigger obstacle than your enemy on the stage after a few rounds.

Sometimes, it is difficult to judge which one is better. It depends on your preference and comfort. Some traditional brand from Thailand, where is the original country of Muay Thai, is harder. It is difficult for the beginner or even some professional but it does more challenging. Also, you might like the heavy one if you are on diet or need a hard training. If you use a heavy body protector to practice often, you will feel like you can fly around or move very fast in the real fight, especially if they don’t require a Muay Thai body protector in the real competition or use the lighter one. Some Muay Thai gyms have different body protector to be used in different occasions and purpose.

How to buy Muay Thai body protector

It may not be too easy to find Muay Thai body protector in the market, especially if you are not in Thailand. Therefore, the best way to buy Muay Thai body protector and other Muay Thai equipment is from the online shop. The good and standard brands are there so check from the review first and see how people feel after using it before you make the decision. It is better to leave the review after you use it for a while for the benefit of the others as well. If budget is your concern, spend sometimes to check from different website, sometimes you can get an extra discount from the promotion or greatly cheap products. If you know someone from Thailand, you can ask them to buy and deliver it over from you. Getting the product from the original source is usually give you much cheaper price.