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Kicking Pad

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Kicking Pad

Kicking pad of kick pad is one of the most popular equipment to practice Muay Thai and other sports that required kicking skills. There are many different types and styles of kicking pad. The one for taekwondo may design for an accurate kick so it is small and flexible. However, the kick pad for Muay Thai which we will focus in this article is mostly designed to handle the hard kick. If you have never seen Muay Thai, do not say you understand how hard it is. Let’s say normal people can be in a serious coma if they are kicked by professional Muay Thai boxers because kicking is one of the most important weapon in Muay Thai. They cannot be a good Muay Thai boxer if they don’t have good kicking skills.

Kicking pad has different benefits comparing to sandbags. For sandbags, you can probably kick it as hard and as often as you want to practice your strength and muscle. For kicking pad, you need the trainers to put on them and moving around so you can practice kicking on the moving target. The good trainers give you good lessons. They will ask you to do high kick and low kick. They force you to kick by both legs. Also, they can hit you back if you make a wrong figure or timing. Therefore, with good kicking pads and good trainers, it is more like likely that you learn where to kick, when to kick and how to kick than purely the strength of your leg muscle and bone. Practicing with sandbags and kicking pad dually are recommended.

How to choose kicking pads

My strong suggestion for choosing kicking pad, no matter you are the trainers, boxer or even the Muay Thai gym owner, is that do not compromise in the quality of the equipment. For other products, you may be able to compromise somehow depending on your budget. Lower price gives lower quality but you can live with that as long as it passes the quality standard. However, choosing kicking pad is different because when you kick the kicking pad, you kick the person who wears it as well. It is possible that the bone of your trainer’s arm can be fragile in one kick, even though the guy is a professional trainer. This does not include the case when your trainer is not experienced enough and forget to harden the muscle to take the kick. The arm can be even broken to two parts. You don’t believe that how high quality kicking pad can help you. Always choose a high quality kicking pad or not using it at all.

How to use kicking pads

“Always” check the kicking pad before using it. Imagine you put the on the floor and small glasses or pebbles got stick to it and you actually kick it with the full strength. That could even end your boxing career. Also, agree with your trainer how you will practice before you start to avoid any accidents. Lastly, keep it in a good place, i.e. smooth surface.