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Heavy Bag

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Heavy Bag

In the old time, people who want to practice Muay Thai in Thailand use banana tree to practicing kicking. Today, children or people in some rural areas still use banana tree to practice Muay Thai because it is easy to find in some areas of Thailand. However, today, people use heavy bags instead of banana tree as one of the most popular Muay Thai Equipment.

Heavy bags are one of the most important Muay Thai Equipment to practice boxing and probably all other martial arts. The materials inside heavy bags can be various depending on the purpose of use. It can be sand, grains or even water or air. If you are in professional boxing level, you may not need to practice with heavy bag filled with air. On the other hand, if you are a young kid who wants to have fun with boxing, you may not need a heavy bag filled with sand. If you never practiced before, kicking or punching sand heavy bag can even broke your fist or leg. Be careful!

There are two main types of how to install heavy bags. The first is to hang it on the ceiling and the second is to put it with the stand on the floor. The most appropriate and recommended way to install heavy bag as a part of Muay Thai Equipment is to hang it on the ceiling by chain because, in Muay Thai, every part of your body can be your weapon and you must practice all of them, not only punching skill. Using heavy bag with stand on the floor is not recommended because it is not convenient to practice other skills. For example, you have to practice by hugging the heavy bag and hitting it by your knee which is one of the most aggressive Muay Thai skill. Therefore, hanging heavy bag on the ceiling allow you to move and hit it freely.

If you are looking for a good Muay Thai Equipment or other ways to exercise, I recommend you install heavy bag at home. Other than being a Muay Thai equipment to practice Thai boxing, heavy bag can be good equipment for exercise as well. Try punching and kicking heavy bag for about 5 minutes and you will realize how exhausted will you be because you get to move every part of your body at the same time. Moreover, punching and hitting on something without breaking or hurting it are really fun and really relieve you. It is a good equipment to spend a good time with your family. You can have fun with your child, especially your son, as punching and kicking heavy bag looks like a man-game.

Other reason you should have this Muay Thai Equipment at home is that it is easy to maintain, in fact it is not required any maintenance at all. Also, it is cheaper with various quality to choose. Heavy bag should not be limited in the boxing gym anymore. It is recommended to have it at home.