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Boxing Headgear

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Boxing Headgear

Boxing headgear is required protection equipment for an amateur boxing competition. It helps protect your head and other parts of your face from being punched or hit because head is the most important part of your body and amateur boxer may not durable with the hard or continuous punches and it could be dangerous to death if they box without a good protection.

Some other martial arts also use boxing headgear as well such as Taekwondo and wresting. For Muay Thai, even though boxing headgear is not necessary in professional Thai boxer, it is still required for amateur Thai boxing competition. In Amateur Muay Thai competition, boxing headgear can be quite important because it is not only protect you from punching but it also protect your from elbow, knee and high kick which are all weapons in Muay Thai. If you don’t learn to protect yourself, the boxing headgear can protect you.

Boxing headgear for Thai boxing is a bit different from normal boxing headgear. It covers more parts of your face as you also have to protect your cheek and top of your head from those sharp elbow or high kick. However, there are also those Muay Thai boxing headgear with less protection so it depends on your convenience of use, competition rule and probably your skill level whether which type of boxing headgear and other Muay Thai Equipment to be used. It is recommended to use boxing headgear if you are just an amateur but it is not recommended to use normal boxing headgear with Muay Thai boxing headgear. One hit at the head can end your career and probably your life.

Like other Muay Thai Equipment, boxing headgear has many sizes. It is very important to choose the try the one that perfectly fit you. Sometimes, you don’t know if it fits you until you try using it for a while. Ensure you know your size very well before you going on to the competition. Believe me, it highly impacts the result. If you choose too small boxing headgear, it can hurt you and make you even dizzy when wearing for a long time. On the other hand, if you choose too big boxing headgear, the headgear will not fit and it will keep moving and blocking your sight. You will not have concentration to fight or to escape your opponent because you will always have to move or worry about your loose boxing headgear. Brand is also one of the important factors to choose boxing headgear. Different brand can be different quality and different size. If you sit with the small size of brand A, does not mean you will fit with the small size of brand B. Try to familiar yourself with the boxing headgear and other Muay Thai Equipment before you go to the real competition. Even though you don’t plan to be in any real competition, choosing the right Muay Thai Equipment is still crucial for your own safety.