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Ankle Guards

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Ankle Guards

If you don’t learn or don’t know Muay Thai before, you may not be able to imagine why boxing need to use Ankle Guards. Shouldn’t it important for taekwondo or jumping sport like basketball only? This is because Ankle Guards is not important at all for normal boxing but Ankle Guards is very important in Muay Thai. Ankle is crucial in boxing. The boxer who has good ankle can freely and quickly move around the ring. Also, strong ankle can help you kick much harder. Many boxers are sadly end their career from injuring the ankle. They can still punch but they can’t move freely anymore so they cannot be a good boxer anymore. Therefore, using Ankle Guards is very important in Muay Thai.

Ankle Guards is not only used during the fight, it can be used before or after the boxing match if the boxer hurts or injures the ankle. They help tighten the joint and muscle around the ankle area to help them well prepare for the fight or to help them recover after the fight much more quickly.

Ankle Guards should be tight enough to hold your joint together while moving, kicking or shoving and should also loose enough to make people who use it feel comfortable while moving, kicking or shoving as well. Better try the best size and brand that fit you and stick with the size. Some boxers do not pay attention on this Muay Thai Equipment. They think that they can use any types of Ankle Guards. They change it just before the fight and end up losing the match or get a serious injury.

Some people use the strip of cloth to wrap around your ankle as ankle guards. This may make you feel more comfortable but it is not recommended in Muay Thai because you have to use your ankle a lot during the boxing. It is very likely that the strip will loose and slip off. Invest in this equipment to buy the good one. It is good for you in a long term. Also, check their quality and change the new one periodically because ankle guards have some types of elastic so their useful life are usually short when the quality of elastic is deteriorate.

Ankle Guards is a very important Muay Thai Equipment that all Muay Thai boxers need to learn about it and choose it wisely. Good Ankle Guards can save your ankle and your boxing career.