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Boxing Handwraps

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Boxing Handwraps

Handwraps or wrist wraps are an important Muay Thai Equipment. Every time before you use boxing gloves, you need to use the handwraps first on both hand to protect your hand and wrist from injuries when punching. If you don’t use handwraps, your hands, fingers or wrists can be seriously injured or even broken when you punch.

Handwraps is not only protect you from serious injury, this Muay Thai Equipment has many other benefits for the users. It extremely helps to prolong your boxing career. It saves your joint and reduces the impact of punching to your hands and wrists. Even though Muay Thai does not only use punching as a weapon, handwraps is still a required Muay Thai Equipment as you can see that all Muay Thai boxers use handwraps as well.

There are many ways to wrap the handwraps which you can learn from your trainer or the VDO clips on youtube. If the boxers have some injuries on the thumb, they can use handwraps by focusing on supporting the injured thumb. Also, if the boxers have problems with their wrist, they can user handwraps in a way to support their wrist.

In some types of Muay Thai called Muay Kad Chuek, handwraps is not only a Muay Thai Equipment to support the boxer, it can be used as a dangerous weapon. Both fighters do not use boxing glove, they will just wrap their hands and wrist with the rope (Chuek in Thai language). It could hurt even more than being punched by bare hands. The sharpness of the rope can make the opponent bleeds easily. This is the real way that Muay Thai boxer practice and fight in the part because Muay Thai was used by the troops to fight or protect themselves in the war in Thai history. However, this Muay Thai Kad Chuek can only be found in an informal event or in some traditional event now. It is considered to cruel and not widely accepts anymore.

Choosing handwraps is quite simple. Most of standard handwraps in the market can be used. The important part is how to wrap them around your fingers, hands and wrists. If you use it correctly, it can greatly save you and make your comfortable during a long fight or practice. However, if you incorrectly use it, it will not save you but will likely to make you uncomfortable or even injures.