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Muay Thai Armbands

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Muay Thai Armbands

Like the headbands, Muay Thai Armbands are mainly used as motivational equipment. has been used since an old time by Muay Thai fighters to make them believed that they can really win the battle or the fight. The Muay Thai Armbands were made of a long and piece of cloths rolling to make a strand rope before tying to the upper part of Muay Thai boxers’ arm. Before rolling, The well-respected holy master or monk are the one who write down or paint mantra or holy words on them., sometimes, they insert an amulet inside Muay Thai Armbands to make it even more holy.

Muay Thai Armbands don’t really have any benefit for the fight on boxing nowadays but they are still widely used as a part of traditional Thai boxing dress. The different between Muay Thai headbands and Muay Thai armbands are that the Muay We don’t have to take of Muay Thai armbands before the fight but we always have to take off Muay Thai headbands before the fight. The armbands are not an obstacle during the fight. On the other hand, this armbands make the boxer look stronger.

In the past, the process to make Muay Thai Armbands is very complicate as mentioned above. However, today, there are many stores that sell instant Muay Thai Armbands. The strand rope with holy words on is readymade in store and is available for you to choose. One of the issue when using Muay Thai Armbands in the past is that you have to know how to tie the armbands to your upper arm very well. Otherwise, it will be too tight or too loose during the fight that requires a lot of movement. Also, sweat, and probably blood, makes it easier for the armband to loose or at least make the person who use it feel irritated or uncomfortable which can prevent them from fully utilizing their Muay Thai skill. Therefore, the Muay Thai Armbands today is easier to wear and there are many size and length to ensure that they will be fit with all size of arms from the young child who practice Muay Thai to a big guy whose his arms are bigger than normal people’s head. Choose the one that fit you. You may try to tie them with your upper arm and move around for a while first before buying them. Remember the size and brand so you know what is best fit for you when you buy it next time.